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Hosting Registration

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Since 2007, providing quality hosting registration services is one of the main activities of our company HostCiti . Placing information on servers hosting providers that provide uninterrupted access to the Internet is called hosting services. Our company uses advanced equipment company SuperMicro. You can perform hosting registration service when it is convenient for you, offline. Our organization works with a variety of payment systems, this list includes:

Hosting Registration
  • Yandex money;
  • Webmoney;
  • QIWI;
  • payment by Visa, as well as MasterCard via Liqpay;
  • Z-Payment and Roboxchange.

You can pay for services in one of the ways listed above. Also, the list of services of our company includes the provision of test hosting, as well, our company gives a guarantee of return of the spent funds to the hosting. The servers of our company used exclusively processor type Xeon, server memory, as well as SAS drives.

In addition to the fact that hosting registration is fairly inexpensive , we guarantee a high level of quality. The cheap cost of this service is caused by a large number of customers, which allows our company to reduce the price to a minimum, which makes it possible to attract more new users, and also not to stop providing the old with quality services.

HostCiti does its best to hold various promotions as often as possible. Also, we provide the ability to register a domain at low prices. An example is the registration of domains .au and .org for only 20 UAH. The cost of international domains is 80 hryvnia. You can re-register or renew a domain at the cost of registration. HostCiti cooperates with registration companies such as or R01. Our company is a strategic partner of these companies.

Hosting registration is provided for Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries. Putting a website on Joomla or WordPress is also not a problem, because we can also provide hosting with support for different CMS. We have such clients that register hosting and host CMS data.

HostCiti does not give permission to host malicious sites on its servers , such as sites that host malicious software on their pages, porn sites, torrent trackers that call for violence and unlawful actions. Also, the hosting provider’s company has the right to suspend account performance, at the discretion of our company’s employees. Violating the provisions described in the contract, your website runs the risk of not only being blocked, but also remaining without returning the finances spent. Return of money is possible in the case of conditions of your contract.

Hosting registration provides you with a convenient, as well as russified administration panel DirectAdmin or ISP Manager, PHP 5.2.x or 5.3.x, MySQL, Perl. We tell you that our hosting is the best, and we are striving for the best !!! In addition, our company provides high-quality hosting service for resellers . We will be extremely happy to see you among our subscribers. There will be questions, contact the company’s technical support specialists.

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