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CS hosting

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The HostCiti company suggests you to order perfectly configured cs hosting at the most favorable price! What are the differences between cs hosting our company and other companies? Probably, all gamers know that the main quality of a good hosting is stable work. What could be worse than glitches or hosting drops during the game? Often, even a very expensive hosting, the price of which is often screwed up, works

intermittently. HostCiti game hosting guarantees uninterrupted and stable operation, as well as high-quality technical support. Our company uses only the latest equipment, which uses elevated fps, which has a Linux operating system, which is very well tuned to start the server. Hosting csfrom our company is equipped with a convenient control panelthat allows the user to configure the server. And if you have any problems that you cannot solve on your own, our technical support service specialists are ready to help you.

It is necessary to be interested in hosting equipment before ordering hosting. Our company offers you specialized equipment that is designed for game hosting . And all dedicated servers, designed for hosting, are located in a data center that uses the latest technology. The server configuration that HostCiti provides for the installation of game hosting, depending on the number of slots (10-32), includes the following components:

  • Hexa-Core 6 core 3.33 Ghz, Intel®, CoreTM;
  • RAM 28 GB DDR3;
  • Hard Drive 2, 0 TB SATA II and 500 GB SAS;
  • Ports for connecting servers to the Internet 100 mb / s .;
  • Traffic cs hosting without a limit;
  • OS: CentOS 5, Linux.

Our servers on which cs hosting is installed are located in the best Ukrainian data center HostCiti . For this reason, we provide the highest quality services, and, as you should have noticed, at extremely low prices . Our users throughout Ukraine, as well as from other countries.

Users who have chosen not only cs hosting, but also other services, including hosting for resellers , have never made their complaints in the list of offers. We try to pleasantly surprise our customers with both the quality of service and the uninterrupted operation of our servers. If you have additional questions, please contact the HostCiti technical support service . Our specialists will be happy to advise you, as well as provide the necessary documentation to resolve this issue.

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