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Free hosting

Let us consider with you whether hosting is possible without payment and if so, what is it? It all depends on what exactly is meant by free. Practically for free does not mean that the hosting will be without payment.

Almost every time a company that provides hosting services for free, in the load, puts different conditions. Most often you are notified about the placement on your site, in any part of it, advertising, at the request of the hoster. In most cases, this is a huge banner installation. This type of hosting platform is called “free”, because you do not spend money. A hosting company announces a gift for you. It is to provide you with free disk space. Their hopes rely on the lack of complaints about the server, from you because the service is free. And everything would be nice if it were. But most of all, this is all very chargeable.

But there are cases that hosting does not require payment, but the quality of it leaves much to be desired. And all this is more often the case and the word free is used only to attract customers. 

Free hosting has its own problem areas. These include:

  • the quality of free services is much worse than paid services;
  • technical support of free hosting is less effective and untimely;
  • low speed of loading pages;
  • unstable server operation.

Of course, this does not mean that a free hosting site is completely unacceptable in terms of providing quality services. There are not many companies that can offer pretty good service. And the company HostCiti is included in this number. When ordering a site, business card site, online store, we provide completely free hoting, and domain name, as well, you will not have a question on advertising on your site host. 

 The HostCiti company will provide you with a range of services that will help you to enter the site statistics that are needed when promoting the site, a number of various software that will improve, not only the appearance of the site, but also its functionality. If you have any questions, HostCiti experts will help you in solving and not only, but also help you to improve the design of the site.

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