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What is free hosting?

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When using paid hosting you need to pay in advance for the entire package of hosting services. And nobody cares whether you use them to the full or not. Probably, no provider will lower the price of hosting in case of not full use of the package of services. The essence of free hosting is to place on your website the amount of advertising proportional to the server load and traffic used. That is, the more you use, the more advertising you pay.

Try to place your site with traffic of 30-50 GB / month using a paid rate . More likely, a hosting company will offer you to go to a dedicated server. During the cooperation with the hosting company on the terms of free hosting, that is, it receives a profit, there will be no problems with the advertising placed on your website. But in case of failure of the host to keep your site using a free tariff, it is already worth considering. Since this may mean that the site is not very profitable, and you can not recoup the finances spent on the site if it is hosted on a hosting for a certain fee.. You can be sure that hosting companies calculate such situations to the smallest detail and will trust them better in this situation. And while filling out the registration form of free hosting, you need to pay attention to whether the company requires a description of the site. If there is no such requirement, your project will be watched for a while.

HostCiti will not burden you with requests for advertising, banners, links to the official website, promotion of other resources, and so on. HostCiti Corporation provides, for your attention, completely free hosting, and domain name when ordering a website, online store, website business cards, blogs, forums and so on. For more information about the company’s hosting you can see the link http: //hostciti.netx.php? C = 21. And also on the official website of you will find a number of services that will help you and your business. Another aspect concerning your site is promotion. When promoting a site, you will need a site counter.This company provides for free. In case of additional questions, technical support specialists will be happy to answer all the questions posed.

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