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The control panel site

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All modern control systems have a site control panel . Also CMS HostCiti , which is the basis of all the sites we create, is no exception to the total. This publication is aimed at familiarizing users with the administration panel, which provides a wide range of functionality for working with editing materials on the site, adding and deleting them, and setting the necessary parameters. 


The functions that are used in the control panel of the site  are divided into two types: management of the site content materials and editing the content display templates on the site. According to the general account, these are the main tasks of each site administrator who do not require special skills. Php Skipty and the database itself are all inaccessible to the user of this panel due to the fact that they are not needed for work and for security purposes. 

Far from the last place in the work with the content management systemis a visual editor WYSIWYG, which works on the principle of all office programs. 

Thanks to the intuitive interface of the system, you can add new texts to the site and edit HTML and CSS already placed without any knowledge, and this greatly saves time when filling the site.

In the system, all new articles can be divided into Objects and Categories. Objects form static pages of the site, such as About Company, Contact Form or Product Page, and Categories can play many roles, they can be shells for objects (pull up various service templates), as well as sections of publications or products. This method of separation simplifies the work of the administrator, as he now knows exactly what role the newly created “object” will play. 

It is also worth noting that CMS HostCiti– this is also a blogging system, and it allows you to add comments to the Objects of static pages and product pages. It means automatic pulling up of a convenient form for adding comments on the site pages. All comments can be edited or deleted through the management system. 

The control panel of the site allows to administer both users of the CMS itself and registered users of the site. You can create new or edit existing profiles, you can change personal information, as well as many other tasks can be done in the section CMS HostCiti – System Users. 

To summarize, we briefly reviewed the main points of the CMS HostCiti site control panel. abcname wants to hope that all our clients will be able to manage their own websites created on our management system without any problems and will receive both benefits and pleasure from this.

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