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VDS – advantageous offer

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What does a company need in order to launch its own website on the Internet? First you need to create a website design , choose a CMS on which the web-site will be based, if of course it will not be only from html pages. Next you need to pick up the content of it, then come up with a domain and register it. It remains only to choose a hosting for this site, that is, to find a profitable hosting. 
Today on the Internet you can find many companies offering hosting . You should not forget that their servers are completely different. Let’s see what they can be:

  1. Free. The main advantage of this hosting is that you don’t have to pay for it. But there are a lot of disadvantages of this hosting and it is unstable work, and complete limitation, lack of responsibility for the site files, etc. This hosting is suitable only for owners of small home pages or blogs.
  2. The service provided by data centers called Collocation – is to rent not only one hosting service, but also the room where the server is installed. Yes, the client still receives round-the-clock support from specialists, but the fee for these services is very high.
  3. Dedicated server is a service during which the user completely rents a server and independently manages all its capabilities. This service is quite convenient, nor any neighbors, namely, other sites or unnecessary information, there are no problems with access and attendance restrictions. But the cost of such servers is very high.
  4. VDS hosting – in translation from English – a virtual dedicated server. The service allows the client in addition to disk space, also allows you to rent a part of the processor power and RAM. It is recommended to apply for serious projects.

Over the past few years, VDS hosting has become increasingly prevalent. Virtualization technology makes it possible to divide a powerful physical server into a number of virtual ones, and they, in turn, share the entire resource of the main server. Therefore, these servers have all the features that their “parent”, and the cost of the virtual server is much lower. 

What are the benefits for VDS users?

  • Traffic is unlimited. It is very convenient to track the volume of your traffic in order not to pay extra due to DDoS attacks.
  • Backup – or so-called backup. The service provides the ability to create backup copies of data that are on the server at a convenient time for you.
  • Security. A virtual server owns an independent file system, a guaranteed amount of resources and an individual IP. 
  • Since reliable security systems against DDoS attacks are installed on the VDS, no one else can hack it and gain access.

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