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Virtual server and all about him

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Why would a web project owner need his own virtual server ? Depending on the required parameters, there are several goals:

  1. Regular virtual hosting provides complete system control and custom software as you need. For example, web-server settings, installation of additional programs. With virtual hosting , even with admin access via an SSH connection, you are unlikely to have influence on many system parameters. A lot of ordinary virtual hosting users can just add files to their folder using an unsecured FTP protocol. They also often do not have the ability to force a web browser to work well through an encrypted SSL channel, for example, to manage a web site. With regard to system updates, backup management, process management and memory, then you have to rely on the administrators of the provider providing the virtual hosting service. With a virtual server in the “cloud” you have the opportunity to do almost everything. Of course, knowledge and skills are needed for tuning and control, but once you understand it, you will subsequently enjoy a stable and well-functioning system.
  2. Your virtual server can be configured to meet the increasing loadin a few mouse clicks, for example, you can add RAM or disk space, increase the bandwidth of the virtual network adapter. In addition, it is quite easy to lower these system parameters.
  3. Even the weakest “cloud” server with 256Mb of memory will work much faster than any virtual hosting. Recently, several sites all the time divide the power of the processor and RAM among themselves. Moreover, it is common for providers to save money and at the same time place so many sites on one physical server that the latter work only with creak – visitors to these sites, not waiting for the next page open, leave it forever. 
  4. Security on a virtual server depends on the owner. It controls the processes, users, network, uses its security policy, implements encryption wherever it is absolutely necessary. 
  5. Would you like to learn Linux, FreeBSD, to fully understand the work of the server on Windovs? It is possible to create a virtual computer, work with it, and at any convenient time remove it without buying expensive licenses and equipment.

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