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VDS – the perfect solution for large projects

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Over time, the quality of the services provided by hosting companies and their technologies also improves . Today it is no longer news that customers have the opportunity to use services and software that are not possible on a shared hosting. This was made possible by the emergence and development of VDSservers.- an excellent solution for the placement of the necessary software. It will provide an opportunity to form a banner network, sites, forums, chat rooms, etc., which is almost unreal on a virtual hosting. It is also a great opportunity to host a large, serious web-project, for which normal operation requires serious hardware resources: portals, Internet shops, etc. All this is achieved by dividing a physical server into several virtual ones using modern technologies. At this time, any server obtained by such a method has independent identical abilities. Each of these servers operates separately from each other and does not affect the work of the neighbors. This guarantees complete security and independence of work from other administrators and clients of the network. This work is almost a guarantee of protection against DDOS attacks or illegal access. In addition, it becomes possible to choose your own services and software during installation.

The main difference between virtual hosting and VDS is that all user files are in the same directory, and on VDS servers the files are stored in different partitions of the hard disk, which ensures their absolute independence and inaccessibility to the other clients of the server. In addition, any VDS server provides the ability to install its own operating system, on which it can install its own software package, according to its needs, and the operating system and settings of other clients do not affect the operation of your server.

Based on this, with the help of virtualization technology, anyone can rent an autonomous part of the server’s hard disk, where a certain limit of hard disk memory, RAM and processor will be allocated. That is, any VDS has limited resource capabilities of the physical server, but they are completely inaccessible to other clients.

One can say about the pros and cons of this way of working – there is only one drawback and it is clear: if there is a need to launch a large and demanding project, then V D S will not be enough. In this case, you will need to rent a physical server . The benefits stand out very much. The main advantage is almost absolute freedom of action within the scope of the amounts provided, which is not limited to control by the administration.

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