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VDS-server – who needs it

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Virtualization technology, in other words, VDS or a dedicated virtual server appeared quite recently, but it is becoming quite popular and every day more and more users began to prefer VDS hosting or virtual private servers. Especially dedicated virtual server became relevant in times of crisis, when firms began to actively look for additional opportunities to save money.

What justifies this popularity?

Using virtualization technology, providers had the opportunity to divide one physical server into several virtual ones. These virtual servers equally share the resources of the physical server . The cost of services for the client has decreased, and the performance, in turn, has not been affected. Which, of course, is very convenient. Also, during the transition to VDS, you do not have to pay for renting space for a server in a data center, as with a physical server.

Who needs a vds server?

First of all, to those owners of web-projects who already have, or expect a large traffic of visitors. The previous virtual server is not enough, and you have to pay for renting a physical server quite expensive, and it makes no sense, since it is too powerful and its resources are not used to its full capacity.

This type of server will be useful for owners of several sites . VDS technology makes it possible to host several Internet sites without any restrictions from the provider. There is also the ability to install your own control panel for any site, and decide for yourself how many MySQL and FTP databases are needed, which is very convenient.

Also, these servers will be useful to those who want to protect their files, are interested in the reliability and operation of the site. Virtualization technology carries a guarantee of protection from third-party administrators, and the VPS server perfectly reflects DDoS attacks .

The advantages of VDS hosting are that the client is able to enjoy the benefits of a physical server for a much lower fee. Having given preference to vps, with the licensed Windows system, the client will have at its disposal a constantly running server with a high download speed. Joining a hosting from any place, without losing tabs in the browser and changing the system.

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